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As we go through life we look forward to a better time when we don’t have any pain or sorrow. If we just take one day at a time and trust in the Father’s wisdom; we can truly say with no fear- “Just another mile and we could be called up to glory”! We hope you enjoy the songs and God bless you!

  1. He Made A Way For Me
  2. See What A Morning
  3. It’s Bound To Be The Lord
  4. I Want To Be Just Like My Lord
  5. Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand
  6. Did You Tell Someone About Jesus
  7. Send The Light
  8. Help Is On The Way
  9. Nothing Less Than Grace
  10. Precious Lord Take My Hand
  11. Living In The Palace
  12. Heaven Is
  13. Just Another Mile
  14. When I Go Home


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